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Postalco Notebooks

I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of Postalco's chance printed notebooks from Hickoree's (thanks Walter and Savannah at Old Faithful!) On the surface, this is a relatively simple notebook, but closer inspection reveals that it is anything but. The chance printing specifically is an interesting process, described as such by Postalco.

"Printing is normally used to duplicate the same image over and over again. We wondered, 'Could there be a machine that makes something different each time?' After several trials, we developed the Chance Printer to produce irregular ink patterns on paper.

"Balls are placed in the top of the Chance Printer. The balls fall into ink buckets. Covered with ink they continue bouncing down through an array of bars. The balls finally splash arbitrarily onto a sheet of paper placed in the bottom of the machine. Each printed sheet is different; each sheet is made by chance."

It definitely isn't every notebook that has a cover printed entirely by chance, making these pretty special. Furthermore, the high quality paperstock and convenient dimensions make this a notebook well worth picking up for yourself.

Postalco at Hickorees

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