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Red Wing - 6" Brogue Ranger

Combining a sleek look with functionality and the original 8111 Iron Ranger model, this Brogue Ranger is a rather surprising release from Red Wing Shoes. What appears to be the most interesting about this boot are the intelligently placed perforations on the outer layer that allow a much faster drying of the leather. The release is currently planned for August this year throughout Europe and North America. I suspect that the Brogue Ranger will be an excellent defense against those wet and windy autumn days.

"The shoe was originally designed as a country walking shoe for the people around Red Wing, Minnesota. Farmers and gamekeepers who needed a boot that could withstand constant exposure to water and a boot that, when wet, would not break down and hurt a person’s feet. The small perforations were crafted into the leather of the toecaps and quarters of the boot to allow water to drain and the boot to dry at a quickened pace."


• Featherstone leather from S.B. Foot Tanning Co.
• Available in black and antique brown
• Weather resistant
• Outer layer perforations for a quick dry
• Vibram Nitrile Cork sole

Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam

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