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SEH Kelly Green Tuck-Stitch Crew Neck

This is the ideal weight and density I look for, especially when it comes to a warm winter sweater. SEH Kelly continues to raise the bar when it comes to manufacturing and working closely with local knitters who sometimes have 100 years of experience in perfecting their craft. With the ultra thick tuck-stitch crew neck, you get the super soft comfort of lambswool, which is something Paul and Sarah keep at the forefront when designing garments of this nature. They also decided to add in-seam slouch pockets on the side, for you to keep your hands warm in, if you so desire. When not in use, there is a beautiful horn button and loop closure. Of course, it always makes sense to me to go to the source and talk a little more about the garment with the designer. Paul shares a bit about this sweater below.

"The idea with the tuck-stitch knitwear is that warmth and winter-proof insulation should not come at the expense of comfort. These jumpers are half an inch thick– one jumper folded in half is as tall as four or five shirts folded in the same way.
But because they're made from grade-A lambswool, and that lambswool is handled so slowly, so meticulously, and with such an appreciation and understanding of what separates very good knitwear from luxury knitwear, they're softer and more comfortable than any heavy-gauge knitwear we've seen or felt before."

• Ten-Gauge i.e. There are Ten Stitches to the Inch
• Horn Buttons
• Tuck-Stitch Knit from Four Colours
• All SEH Kelly Garments are made in England

Green Tuck-Stitch Crew Neck


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