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Singularities: Thomas Hooper

My friend Andrew Chen, of 3Sixteen and Self Edge fame, has just released an interview in the ongoing Singularities series with various creatives who wear 3Sixteen Denim. This interview with Thomas Hooper is particularly interesting not only because I have tattoo's and love the art of tattooing, I also find it inspiring to learn about the creative process of others alongside what motivates them as an individual.

"Most know Thomas Hooper for his intricate tattoo work which draws influences from nature, mathematical and geometric patterns, as well as eastern religious imagery. Others might be familiar with his artwork, which he exhibited in his first solo show this past January at Nepenthes New York entitled "Origins of Solitude." Over the past year, we've had the pleasure of also getting to know Thomas as a husband and father: one who is constantly striving to balance his family, his artistic passions and his craft so that all receive the attention they deserve. He invited us into his art studio in Brooklyn to give us a look at his creative process."

Singularities: Thomas Hooper

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