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Spring Kit Nº1 – Down Sweater

While we may have officially changed seasons this week, out here on the coast, we aren't anywhere near warm spring-like temperatures just yet. The inspiration for this week's kit is similar to last week's with the Stadium Jacket from Dehen 1920 for warmth, but here we've utilized Patagonia's Down Sweater. It's a great grey colour, filled with European goose down for warmth and is super lightweight which makes it easy to carry around with you in a rucksack or tote. The shirt this week is the herringbone twill HBT Work Shirt from The Real McCoy's, which wears in well, aside from the fact that their work shirts are second to none, (I wear my 8HU shirt sometimes 5 days a week.) Unlike most work shirts, this particular version doesn't have a tab collar, which can be a nice change every once in a while. The trousers are the well known and loved Gio from UNIS, which are some of the best fitting ones on the market, hands down. Finally, the Tan Achilles from Common Projects are a great year round leather sneaker and work well with this particular combination of blues, dark grey and tan webbing belt.

Patagonia Down Sweater
Tan Webbing Belt
Chambray Tie
Navy Gio
McCoy's HBT Work Shirt
Common Projects Tan Achilles

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