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Spring Kit Nº12 - Shorts Season

The past few weeks have been beautiful for the most part, blue skies and sun mixed with ample amounts of heat. After looking through my wardrobe I realized something very important: I don't own many pair of shorts. I was in Four Horsemen this week and they have a great selection so far with a nice mix of solid blues, greens, browns and even a few striped options. Then I came across these single patch pocket, horizontal dobby stripe pattern shorts at Lark in Vancouver. A bit busy for some, but just right for others.

Burkman Brothers Shorts
These woven pattern shorts have a single pocket on the front, with bamboo button closure. As I mentioned, they aren't for everyone but they sure are interesting to look at.

Grey Northwesterner
I talked about these bags earlier in the week, but can't stop thinking about them. An excellent choice of colours put together by Matt Pierce of Wood & Faulk, in the perfect size. You can use it as an everyday carry or as a weekender.

Tan Buttondown
This slim fit shirt from Patrick Ervell works well with the tones in this kit. Plus, is there ever a bad time to wear a club collar shirt? I didn't think so.

Turmeric Pocket Square
The Hill-Side delivers a whole host of colours, patterns and fabrics within their line. Aside from my appreciation for the red colour family, this turmeric is pretty eye catching as its quite different from what you expect a pocket square to be. This selvedge chambray has been washed once to give it a supple feel.

Michael Bastian for Randolph Engineering
These sunglasses are arguably one of the most classic in both shape and design, in my humble opinion. Michael Bastian is one hell of an incredible designer in his own right, so the decision to partner up with RE really comes as no surprise.

The Williamson
Nick brought these to my attention in the past couple weeks {that post is forthcoming.} A hybrid interpretation between a boat shoe and blucher, made in summer appropriate light suede. A hand sewn bison leather sole, it includes a rubber heel strike to prolong the life of the sole. The clincher? They are currently on sale from $200 to $90.

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