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Spring Kit Nº2 – April Showers

The month of April is upon us, which means the inevitable is coming; showers galore. This may put a damper on a lot of people’s sartorial plans for the day, but not I. No, no, no. When you live in a location where tumultuous weather is just 15 minutes away at all times, you hope for the best but plan for the worst. Having a wardrobe specifically tailored to those few months out of the year when you can expect rain day in and day out is key, and these particular pieces are the bees knees in that file.

I love having the ability to shed layers when the sun comes out like a blossoming flower, so that’s when the color and patterns will peek out a bit. I can showcase this perfectly with the newest Reversible Anorak from Mt. Rainier Design and the unique print on the Our Legacy Floral Camo under that perfect Melange crew from LVC. That floral and camo in one is like some awesome Frankensteinian experiment right up my alley. The 60/30 chinos give me something very unique with the waterproof protection and tailored fit you can only get from a brand as meticulous as Outlier. Toss on the Waxed boonie and the Chromexcel oxfords that can handle any ol’ wetness and you can bring that down-pouring rain and foot deep puddles right on! Could an outfit on such a shitty day be any better looking?

Southern Field Industries Waxed Hat
Mt. Rainier Design Reversible Anorak
Our Legacy First Floral Camo
Outlier 60/30 Chino
LVC Grey Melange Crew
Viberg Chromexcel Oxford

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