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Spring Kit Nº4 – I Got The Blues

No, I am not sad or depressed. I’m actually quite happy and joyous as of late. But if you haven’t noticed yet, blue is my go-to style color palette. Between the different shades and hues that come with my favorite fabrics, you will most likely catch me with some form of blue on. Well on this particular Friday, I’m feeling down right Miles Davis on the sartorial tip.

It’s always good to throw together different shades and then have complimentary pieces to make everything pop. While the Folk Block Chambray might be out there, having bits of it exposed through the complimentary cushion vest makes it a little more subtle, yet distinctive from your regular ol’ chambray. And while denim will always be my first choice to indigo trou, having a pair of canvas chinos could never hurt on a beautiful weekend like this upcoming one. A little breathability with that sinister hue of blue I am looking for. These bleed pretty nicely, so the flap wallet will get some sick color after on a few sit-downs in the ass pocket. A navy pair of shoes might have put me over the blue threshold for this fit, so I tied it back with these super dope Seven Hills Indy’s Need Supply cooked up with Alden, but I would be remised if indigo-flavored socks weren’t on deck as well. Top off the whole kit with a theme-roundhousing “I love you, but I hate your blog” pin and I’m done.

Folk Block Chambray
Indigo Duck Canvas Chinose
Archival Duffle
Seven Hills Indy Boots
Cushion Vest
Tan Stud Wallet
Chup Anteltop Hi Indigo Socks
I Love You But...Pin Set

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