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Spring Kit Nº7 – Beach BBQ

This weekend promises a fair amount of sun and heat, both of which I'm looking forward to enjoying. The spring warmth we tend to experience near the end of May on the coast kicks off the season of impromptu beach or lake bbq weekends, so it's best to be prepared. The Rucksack from Southern Field Industries holds more than you think, making it perfect for a quick trek carrying your food and beverage options safely. Though you could just as easily throw on a pair of sneakers for this gathering, Leffot did a fantastic job creating these Brown Rowdy Chukka's, utilizing a beautiful waxy leather with one of Vibram's rugged brick soles. I would absolutely wear these on a hike and they would be able to take it. Finally, in the case that you find yourself needing a cap, Vetted just released this specially made 5 panel option at an attainable price point.

Rogue Territory 10OZ Grey Caste Stanton
Vetted 5 Panel Cap
Chamberlain Popover
Southern Field Industries Waxed Red Rucksack
Quoddy Chukka
Swamp Green Tee

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