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Spring Kit Nº8 – Natural Canvas Trouser Love

As we head into the weekend I thought I'd put together a kit sinilar to what I'll be wearing and carrying. I've had my Natural Selvedge Canvas Trousers from Rogue Territory for almost a month, wearing them just about daily and I love them. (The image used for this kit are my pair.) There's something really special and unique about natural trousers that are comfortable and versatile; the slant front pockets are a great design feature. A lot of gentlemen are afraid of light coloured or off-white trousers, but they are easier to wear than one might think especially because it's a neutral colour. I like to pair them with a multitude of shirts from a simple blue oxford to this navy/red madras to patterned chambray, cleaned up with a tie or simply untucked. The same goes with footwear options- sneakers, oxfords, service boots or taupe bostons, they all work well. The colours used here all work well together. Since there is a lot of tan and olive tones I decided to add the chambray handerchief to break it up a bit.

RCP Madras Shirt
Natural Canvas Trouser
Taupe Boston
Blue Jacquard Chambray Handkerchief
Waxed Tote Olive x Natural
Kinfolk Vol. III
Tan Flap Wallet
Timex Camper

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