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Spring Kit Nº9 – Double Breasted

I don't know about where you're located, but over here in Victoria it feels a little like fall weather with rain, cold winds and overcast skies. If you do happen to find yourself surrounded by warm temperatures, don't let this kit fool you. I own these Olive Standard Issue Civilian Chino's and besides being ridiculously soft and comfortable, they are extremely lightweight and will come in handy as we officially transition to summer next week. The star of the show however, is really this indigo unstructured jacket from Ovadia & Sons, completely perfect for a plethora of scenario's. It's half-lined, made from a beautiful Italian cotton and has two patch pockets and a 3.5" lapel– all of the components combine to make it eligible for wear. The optional item in this kit is the red starburst print tie, as it isn't a neccesstiy when wearing a jacket or a kit like this, but more of a personal preference. Last but not least are the semi-dress boots I talked about yesterday, from White's x Imogene + Willie. Too good to miss being included in this weeks kit.

RCP Blue Oxford
Unstructured Double Breasted Jacket
White's Boots for Imogene + Willie
Red Starburst Dots Print Tie
Marled Grey Trek Socks
Olive Civilian Chino

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