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Studio D'Artisan Natural Sweat

Winter is most certainly the season you'll want to have a great knit handy at all times, and these loopwheeled sweatshirts from Japanese producer Studio D'Artisan are certainly one of the best out there. The basis of their quality comes from the quality of the cloth and the careful construction, done in Wakayama on vintage looms. The perk of the loopwheeling is that the sweater can be knit in a tubular construction, eliminating side seams and thus ensuring a longer lasting final product. Assuring the buyer of the quality are the runaway threads from the cuff, which Studio D'Artisan assure us are a mark of a class piece of knitwear. This natural colored option is great in that it offers an appealing alternative to the typical grey knit, and means you'll blend into the snow nicely.

• Studio D'Artisan, Founded in 1979
• Loopwheel Cloth from Wakayama & Made on Vintage Looms
• Tubular Construction without Side Seams
• Runaway Thread form the Cuff "A Sure Sign of Quality"
• Expect no Shrinkage During Washing
• Made in Japan

Studio D'Artisan Natural Sweat

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