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Summer Kit N°10 – Post Game

After a good game of football it's really nice to have a great kit to relax in. This kit is built around both comfort and durability, designed to look good relaxing on the couch or going out for a post match beer with a some friends. I love the combination of the burgundy, grey and the subtle camo of the pants.

The Gastown F.C. x Reigning Champ sweat combines representing Vancouver's finest club football team with Vancouver's best manufacturer of quality sweats. Knit from a heavyweight terry cotton, these sweaters are warm, cozy, and excellently crafted. The well chosen typeface adds to the garment, rather than making it look tacky as some club branded apparel can. The sweat looks great paired with just about anything, I've worn it with jeans, chinos, soccer shorts and everything in between.

The comfort and durability continues in the t-shirt, as Daiki Suzuki's Engineered Garments Workaday t-shirt is one of the best available. It's a perfect fall weight cotton, sturdy without being stifling, and as with all Engineered Garments pieces, it's perfectly constructed. The overlapping collar band and the pocket are both nice details, and the shirt is available in a couple other colors, though I like the simplicity of the white.

While they'll be a bit of a challenge to track down at this point having sold out in most stores, these heavy cotton black camouflage jacquard bush pants from wings+horns are one of the nicest pieces from their Fall/Winter 2012 collection. They're subtle, yet interesting to look at, which is perfect as they'll look great paired with almost anything despite being a standout piece in their own right. Created in Vancouver and knit with a heavy cotton, they're crafted to stand the test of time.

Keeping with the idea of comfort and durability while maintaining style, these New Balance 576's are made in England in a burgundy colorway which melds in without fault. As with all New Balance offerings, they're super comfortable and often just the right thing to slip your feet into following a hard game. The color fits nicely with the toque in this outfit but as I've found recently, burgundy tends to pair great with pretty much anything.

The kit is finished off with a toque, that while seeming superfluous in summer will serve you really well come fall and winter. For me, the warmth and coziness of slipping a toque is relaxing and a great feeling, hence the inclusion in this post game kit. This offering is from Victoria's Four Horsemen with a good shape and fit, hand knit on Vancouver Island by experienced knitters. It'll keep you warm come the cooler days and as mentioned before, the burgundy will pair well with just about anything you can throw at it.

Gastown F.C. x Reigning Champ Sweater
wings+horns camoflauge pant
New Balance 576
Four Horsemen Supplies Toque
Engineered Garments Pocket Tee

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