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Summer Kit Nº3 – Olive/Navy/Khaki

This weeks kit is based around some of my favorite colour combinations. Ever since Apolis dropped their new options for the Standard Issue Civilian Blazer last week, I've been thinking about how and where to wear it. It's lightweight, versatile and meticulously crafted. I also appreciate how these new options for the blazers combine with a matching chino, to form an easy to wear summer suit. This khaki tote is beautiful and will look incredible as it ages and takes in some of that summer sun. All bias aside, Southern Field Industries knows how to build a workhorse of a bag. Finally, the navy in this kit is in the Modified Walt Short from Epaulet as well as in the Navy Tretorn Nylite's. FYI – you cannot go wrong when pairing these three colours together.

RCP White Oxford
Olive Standard Issue Blazer
Sportsman Sunglasses
Navy Tretorn Nylite
Modified Walt Short
Waxed Khaki x Tan Tote

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