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Summer Kit Nº6 – Weekend Swim

Finally here in Victoria we've encountered some heat that's actually hot enough to warrant a dip in the ocean, just to cool off. Ok, more like a jump into a lake, because the ocean is bloody freezing. I put together a simple summer kit to inspire you to head out and pay a visit to your favorite lake– the one with the rope swing where you'll excitedly catapult yourself from for the whole day. My go-to for well made swim trunks is always going to be the Apolis x Katin collaboration, as Katin has been producing board shorts for the California lifeguards since the 60's. Following swim trunks and a simple t-shirt, the next few things you're going to need, are a decent towel and a water resistant bag to keep your wet gear in. Sometimes I prefer to wear a cap in the hot sun, though it sounds counter productive to keeping the heat at bay. This 5-panel indigo chambray cap has an adjustable leather strap and dual rivet vents to help you stay cool.

Chambray Linen Hat
Turkish Red Stripe Towel
PF Flyers
Norse Projects T-Shirt
Navy/White Swim Trunks
Oil Finish Tote
Timex Weekender

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