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The Knottery: Polka Dot Knit Ties

In a world of casual Friday’s and Happy Hours, the working man’s noose generally gets left in the dust. Torn off and thrown in the backseat of a car, or left hanging lonely on the back of a chair. Why? Formal wear is frowned upon by Hawaiian shirt rocking cubicle neighbors and fist-pumpin’ Jager bombers. Well, when you pick up presumably the best “bang for your buck” polka dot knit tie from The Knottery, watch them all bask in your formal informal-ness and swoon.

When I feasted my oglers on these beauts, I did a slight gasp. Yes, you read correctly. I gasped at some ties y’all. At $25 a pop, these ideal width silk-knitted ties portray dignity and class, but with the perfect touch of fun from the pale-colored polka dots. The Jim, The Mark, and The Daniel, as they are named, are the perfect 5-day a week tie and add a 6th day if you plan on taking your lovely lady on a hot date on Saturday. While Drake’s might have this particular tie down pat, this is the perfect, affordable alternative.

There first limited run of ties went like hotcakes with praise galore. While most of it is attributable to the great looking ties and the even better looking price tag, the character behind the NY State of Mind descriptions is quite the treat, as well. I will most certainly be keeping my eye on these guys and you can count on spotting me in one of these knit ties, too.

The Knottery "The Jim" (Forest Green)
The Knottery "The Mark" (Burgundy)
The Knottery "The Daniel" (Navy)

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