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The Real McCoys 8HU Work Shirt

It's been a while since we touched on the topic of a well made wardrobe staple: the workshirt. Now I know that everyone and their mom seems to be making a version of a workshirt these days but I want to stress the importance of buying a version that isn't mass produced in a sweatshop somewhere. In the arena of workshirts, there are a few things to remember. If you plan on wearing it often– or daily, as I find that a shirt like this easily becomes a welcomed uniform, then you don't want it falling apart on you. Plus, if you plan on washing it for softness which also helps to wear it in, you don't want it disintegrate. In its downtime from being a workhorse, this version integrates well into your wardrobe, worn alone, under a sweatshirt or over a base layer henley. Needless to say, this 8 Hour Union Workshirt looks like the perfect year round version and is currently available at Superdenim.

• Made in Japan
• Triple Chainstitch Construction
• Lot 232S Chambray

"The Real McCoy's is a Japanese brand that delivers the state of the art product that transcend the perfect replica of items that were produced in the past. There is absolutely no compromise in selecting the right materials as well as in the sewing an finishing of its products. Inspiration is for the Real McCoy's comes from American military, whilst Joe McCoy is inspired all American work and sports wear."

Real McCoys 8HU Work Shirt

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