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The Real McCoy's Pocket Sweatshirt 

To be honest, I never need an excuse to look at anything from The Real McCoy's but I always appreciate a reason to seek them out. Superdenim is really the only shop that carries the entire line and all its divisions, with their London-based shop showcasing The Real McCoy's exclusively as a whole outside of Japan. This mid-weight, two-tone oat sweatshirt is made in Wakayama, Japan, based off of a vintage U.S Army’s athletic uniform, with a gusseted chest pocket and welt stitched ribs. Not as boxy as the Joe McCoy Ball Park Sweat (which I've had for a number of years and it's still in great condition), this particular sweatshirt can still be sized up for the best result in comfort. Meant to be worn essentially over and over, the collar has been properly reinforced and supported, to help add longevity to your garment and the rigors of a daily uniform.

The Real McCoy's Pocket Sweatshirt

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