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To Espadrille or not to Espadrille

After extensive research, hours upon hours of diligent investigation as to how it happened, and many a tear shed, I have come to a conclusion and one conclusion only: I like espadrilles. There, I said it. As that huge weight is now lifted off of my burdened shoulders, the freedom to actually exclaim my fondness for the ultimate casual warm weather footwear is inviting. I have always been skeptical of the espadrille, as I have never been a fan of any type of slip on shoe but somehow, these are different.

The recent forage for casual shoes to throw on at any given time during the summer often leads me to the direction of Vans Authentics or Spring Court G2 lows, but I wanted something different, something bolder, something a little out of the box. When I came across the Les Toile du Soleil French-inspired espadrilles on Unionmade’s web shop, I found myself trying my damndest to pay them no attention to no avail. After more searches through places like The Espadrille Store, Opening Ceremony, DS Dundee and Hentsch Man, I was befuddled by all the cool choices for these handmade goodies. All of the wonderful woven patterns, from plain to striped to camo, can pretty much compliment any everyday outfit. Whether it’s just to head to the store, take a quick stroll around the park or kick it at an outdoor party, these are THE quintessential summer shoe and I ain’t ashamed to say it.

I know this may be met by the moans and groans of my fellow menswear enthusiasts, but you can’t always wear brogues or oxfords and you don’t NEED to always settle for canvas lace-ups. There is always the possibility of looking completely ridiculous with these, but that goes for anything really, especially footwear. Be bold, be brave, become an espadrille-aficionado like myself and switch it up.

Les Toile du Soleil
Hentsch Man
DS Dundee


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