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Type III Service Boot by Viberg Boot

I wanted to direct your attention to an interesting story of some replica service boots made by Brett Viberg for Nick Horween, of Chicago's legendary Horween Leather. To properly appreciate a lot of the boot styles being created today by authentic heritage brands– brands with longstanding history, you need to reach back into the past to understand why they were created in the first place. This article written by Nick Horween speaks to two types of leathers they were making back in the 40's for the service men.

"During the the first half of the 1940′s our factory was busy doing what many factories in the U.S. were doing – supplying goods and materials for use by our troops. For us, that quite obviously meant leather. We supplied two main leather types during this time; Mechanical leather and Chromexcel."

Type III Service Boot by Viberg Boot

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