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Uniform Wares: Rose Gold

Earlier this week I was chatting with Saager from Neighbour, about some new offerings in the shop from British brand Uniform Wares. Established in 2009 by Oliver Fowles and Patrick Bek, the two young designers continue to create incredible, meticulously detailed watches in a number of series, with a fine balance between traditional British design and contemporary style. I was quite interested in the Rose Gold versions, so I asked Saager to highlight some of the differences between the 150 + 200 series.

In Comparison:
"Colouring for both watches are the same. They both have Quartz movement but the 150 has Japanese Quartz Movement and the 200 has Swiss Quartz Movement. Both have Italian Calf Leather Bands and the Rose Gold finish. The 150 Series is based off of a classic elegant timepiece with a thinner casing than the 200 Series. We have noticed that the thinner casing and slightly smaller face diameter makes it more of a unisex watch than the 200 Series. The 200 Series is based off of an old industrial British wall clock. As mentioned it features Swiss Quartz Movement, has a slightly thicker casing than the 150 series, features a second hand and all shows the date on the face."
– Saager, Neighbour, Vancouver BC

About Uniform Wares:
"Each timepiece we design, develop and produce is a carefully balanced exercise exploring the relationships between engineering, aesthetics, function, material choice and surface finish."

150 Series
200 Series

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