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Viberg for Superdenim FW 12

Viberg has partnered with Superdenim once again, to produce a limited edition of Oxfords, Service & Scout Boots for this upcoming Fall/Winter. There are far too many details to discuss in one post but a main element to understand is that Viberg works exclusively with the Stitch Down or Nail Down construction method. None of the shoes/boots are welted. Esentially what that means, is that those two methods make the shoe not only heavy duty and solid but indestructible. These four are my favorite make-ups from the lot, with the Grey Suede Oxford, Merlot Oxford with Ripple Sole, Tan Oxford with Sand Sole and my personal favorite– the Service Boot in Natural leather. If you've ever been curious as to why these carry the price tag that they do, its because they are a workhorse of a boot, lasting multiple decades, built by dedicated craftsman right here in Victoria BC. The factory produces limited quantities every day but rest assured that they are in fact built by experts. They are also built to order, which means at times, there have been wait lists as long as 8-16 weeks to get through every order from shops around the globe. In the end, your patience is rewarded with one hell of a boot.

• Hand Made in Victoria BC
• #145 Oxford
• #1950 Service Boot
• 2021 Vibram Wedge Sole
• 4041 White Christie Vibram Sole
• Black Vibram Ripple Sole
• 2060 Vibram Sand Sole
• Rough Out Suedes
• Natural Leather
• Stitched Down & Nail Down Construction

Viberg for Superdenim


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