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Winter KIT N°04 – Throwback

I remember very clearly lusting after a pair of these Tigers sometime around 2007 when I was shown them being worn very well by a television character. I found them again on End yesterday, prompting the creation of this kit. While a bit of an off-beat colorway, I think they're quite wearable with simple jeans, or these Unis Gio navy chinos. The Unis Gio is one of the best pants available, (which we've spoken about before) and the navy colorway is a very versatile option. Of course, as it is still a little chilly out, it's great to have a warm and cozy sock keeping your feet extra insulated. These blue wool socks from Tokyo based Anonymous Ism are perfect for wear with just about any shoe. Pairing really well with the Gios is the navy floral button-down shirt from Engineered Garments. It's on sale right now at End, which is quite convenient, as this is a piece you'll want to have around in all seasons. It's warm and comfortable enough to be worn on its own or now with a sweater as shown here, yet it's perfect to wear in the summer. To keep you further insulated is a zip-up hooded sweatshirt we featured recently, from Reigning Champ + Beauty and Youth. This warm, excellently built sweater with a nod to nautical style, a great option for a wardrobe staple. Finally, a good wallet is key always, and this one from Teranishi Handcrafted is definitely among the absolute best options on the market. I'd recommend it as I've been wearing mine in for over a year now.

Reigning Champ x Beauty & Youth
Unis Gio
Engineered Garments Floral Button Down
Anonymous Ism Socks
Onitsuka Tiger Corsair
Teranishi Minimalist Wallet

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