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Winter KIT N°05 – Indigo Chore Coat 

We always seem to come back to this Apolis indigo chore coat, and justifiably so. It's without a doubt one of the best and most versatile overall pieces we've come across in any collection. Luckily at this point the Free/Man team have their own individual versions, so we can really stand behind this claim. The indigo pairs nicely with a white shirt and a good pair of raw jeans, so this week's kit see's the chore coat paired with a pair of Workers jeans for Inventory items and an Engineered Garments Workaday White button down shirt.

The jeans are kept up with a Free/Man collaborative belt, the 'D' ring brown belt we did a while back with Wood & Faulk. This belt is a great option which will break in and soften up over time. A pair of Anonymous Ism socks are peeking out from beneath the denim, the light weight nature of these socks work well with this pair of Quoddy camp sole Maliseet Oxfords. The whole outfit perfectly tows the line between casual and well put together. It's also versatile in that most of the pieces can easily be swapped into whatever you happen to have in your closet, particularly the chore coat.

Workers x Inventory Jean
Apolis Indigo Chore Coat
Engineered Garments Workaday White BD
Anonymous Ism Socks
Quoddy Oxford
Free/Man x Wood & Faulk D Ring Belt
Free/Man x The Hill-Side Pocket Square

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