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Winter Kit Nº5 – Prep Work

For part of this weekend I'll be over in Vancouver doing some work in preparation for Gentlemen's Reserve. There is a lot of different elements that go into an event to this scale and I am excited to be working with some talented folks to bring it all together for you. Clearly, I'm quite excited for this Spring's Edition.

When you're running around from meeting to meeting, it's important to be super comfortable and in a city like Vancouver– you need a rain jacket to protect you from the elements. It could be warm and sunny and half an hour later pouring with rain. The Defender Jacket is waterproof and windproof, with hand warmer pockets and high closure for just that type of weather. These days, I am layering my Columbiaknit Sweatshirt underneath my Heritage Research Ivy Oxford shirt just to keep warm. The same idea goes here with this simple henley from Apolis. I'm also looking forward to seeing the newest issue from Fire & Knives, available at Old Faithful Shop. To haul all of your gear- laptop, camera and notebook, LL Bean makes the perfect water resistant Hunter's Tote starting at just $29, and, it comes in Olive Drab. Done.

Striped Flannel Blanket Oxford
The Defender
Unis Gio in Khaki
Classic Henley
LL Bean Hunter Tote
Fire & Knives No. 9
Woven Crosses Scarf
Common Projects Achilles

Reader Comments (1)

I know I'm not a man, but I love this outfit. It looks extremely comfortable, while still being presentable and functional in a work environment. Plus, I've been to Vancouver before and a lot of the local people dress very similarly to this. I especially like the pants. They are a really flattering cut, and the color is neutral but still unique. I wish I could see the whole look together on an actual person. Is the Defender jacket very expensive? Also, does it come in women's styles?

April 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKatie Martin

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