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Winter Kit N°9 - Orange Chambray

Last week Connor talked about this orange chambray scarf from Engineered Garments, which in turn inspired me to base this weeks kit around it's perfect hue. It adds the perfect amount of depth to the sea of blue with the Waxed French Work Jacket, the Navy Jacquard Crew Socks and the washed denim from Baldwin. Of course I had to include these fantastic ripple sole ranger mocs from Need Supply x Rancourt & Co., the ripple sole is one of my favorites. It was originally invented for the paratroopers back in the 50's to help to reduce their injuries with the super high lugs. For this particular application I quite admire the juxtaposition of the soles to the uppers and it works well for this fairly simple kit.

Ripple Sole Ranger Moc
Waxed French Work Jacket
Black Chambray
Three Quarter Jacquard Crew Socks
Orange Iridescent Chambray Scarf
Acquired Taste Magazine Volume III
Baldwin Henley Nathan

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